Welcome Message

4IND has been growing as an artificial intelligence solution company in the field of computer vision by quickly responding to and changing the needs of customers and the market since its establishment in February 2017.

In the field of artificial intelligence, we have been supplying visualization products that provide valuable information to users through fusion analysis of structured and unstructured objects in images. In addition, we have developed into a business by providing integrated control functions based on our own platform (BOM Platform) and technology that connects 5G.

Artificial intelligence has overcome many challenges that were previously considered as limitations and is now emerging as a core technology in the IT industry. Based on AI in the field of computer vision, 4IND has applied it to various businesses in smart cities and smart factories.

We will continue to accelerate the research and development of AI platforms and solutions to provide new experiences to customers and bring business innovation.

4IND CEOChaesoo Lee